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I have always been a “maker” of many things, but did not discover my quilting niche until about 2010. That quickly grew into a passion and I began teaching all aspects of quilting in area quilt shops, even while working full-time as a nurse. Eventually I dabbled in designing and created my pattern business “Northwater Quilts”.

 Along with being published in several quilting magazines, I travel to numerous quilt guilds around the Midwest for trunk shows and workshops.  My passion for teaching combined with community theater makes me a natural at public speaking. My goal is to share my enthusiasm for quilting and encourage others to try new things (even designing). I have designed patterns for Clothworks and Maywood Studio fabric companies. I have also just published my first book “Michigan Road Trip Quilts” which is a compilation of nine different quilt projects with photos and stories of Michigan towns as well as my best recipes from foods that grow in those areas.

        My work consists of mainly modern quilts but with a traditional twist. I also create a lot of wool applique designs using bright colors and decorative stitches.

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